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"Enabling research through responsible use of detailed and sensitive data"

The UK Data Service is one of the few organisations who have the experience and expertise to build a world-leading secure access system.


What is the Secure Lab?
Our collection
Five Safes framework
How it works

Access to the Secure Lab is available through your own organisation PC or at our Safe Room at the University of Essex, depending on how restrictive (and sensitive) the data are.

Access is via a web-based interface that uses secure encrypted Citrix Virtual Private Network technology. The data are never downloaded.

We provide users of the Secure Lab with a familiar Windows environment and the statistical tools that they require to achieve their analyses.  We currently provide the following statistical software in the Secure Lab:

  • R
  • Stata
  • SPSS 19 (with linear regression package)
  • MLwiN
  • Mplus
  • ArcGIS
  • GeoDa

We also provide Microsoft Office and LaTeX software to allow researchers to write up their results within the Secure Lab environment.

We return statistical results (rather than data) to researchers, subject to a statistical disclosure control process, to ensure that no individual or organisation can be identified from the results.

If you require more information about how our secure access facilities work, please get in touch with the support team.

How do I apply?

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